Proper Hand Washing

Wet hands with warm water Apply liquid soap, avoid bar soap Lather hands well, using a rubbing motion, clean back and front of hands and in between fingers Wash hands for 20 seconds (kids can sing ABC song once) Keep […]

Immunizations Offered

Free Call the nursing office at 330-385-5123 for an appointment *Bringing shot record to appointment is helpful. Baby Immunization Schedules Footnotes to the above chart: This is the age range in which the vaccine should be given. Your baby may […]

Free HIV Screening

Remember: anyone can become infected. Your age, gender, social class and sexual orientation will not protect you. Taking an HIV test may lower your anxiety about HIV and AIDS. Talk about HIV, use protection, and get tested. When: Last Monday […]

Flu Vaccines

$20.00 Seasonal Flu Facts: Contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza virus Best way to prevent this illness is by getting the flu vaccine This year’s flu vaccine (2013-2014) contains four influenza strains Flu season is usually October-May with the peak […]

Free Blood Pressure Screening

When: Monday –Thursday 9am-2pm No appointment necessary, Walk-ins Welcome, Know Your Blood Pressure, Be Informed Facts from the American Heart Association High blood pressure that is uncontrolled causes serious health problems and is known as the “silent killer” Possible health […]

Winter Safety Tips

Visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website for further information on being Prepared to Stay Safe and Healthy in the Winter Frostbite and Hypothermia Frostbite occurs to skin that is exposed to extreme cold, get indoors immediately remove […]

Dental Van

The Dental Van will be offering affordable dental services at the Community Resource Center in East Liverpool, twice a month. Call to make an appointment. 330-385-1301