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Mahoning County District Board of Health
28 Feb
By: Brian Smith 0

Free HIV Screening

Remember: anyone can become infected. Your age, gender, social class and sexual orientation will not protect you. Taking an HIV test may lower your anxiety about HIV and AIDS. Talk about HIV, use protection, and get tested.

Last Monday of the Month 2pm-4pm
No appt necessary, walk-ins welcome
No needles!!! Our test is the Ora Quick Advance. It’s a mouth swab.
Results in 20 minutes
Program provides

  • Outpatient Health Care
  • Medical Case Management
  • Support Services
  • Community Outreach

Who should get tested for HIV?

  • Had unprotected sex with men or women (vaginal, anal, oral)
  • Had sex with more than one partner
  • Shared needles, syringes, or other drug equipment
  • Shared needles for body piercing, tattooing, or other reason
  • If you have had a sexually transmitted disease
  • If you are pregnant
Contact Information for HIV/Syphilis Testing

Sandy Panezich, MSSA, LSW
Disease Intervention Specialist
Office Phone: 330-743-3333 Ext 271
Cell Phone: 330-272-2058
Link: Mahoning County District Board of Health