Children and Teens (Newborn-18y)

HepB, DTaP, HiB, IPV, PCV13, RV, MMR, Varicella, HepA, HPV, MenACWY, MenB,& Influenza

Adults(19y and older)

HepA, HepB, HPV, Influenza, MMR, MenACWY, Prevnar13, Tdap, TD, Varicella, & Zoster (call for availability)

  • Most private insurance accepted
  • Medicaid accepted

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List of Communicable Diseases

According to the Ohio Administrative Code (Rules 3703-3-01 through 3701-3-31 of the Ohio Administrative Code), all laboratories, physicians, schools, daycares, health professionals and hospitals are to report suspected and confirmed cases of certain communicable disease to the local health department.

Quick Guide to Reportable Infectious Diseases for Ohio

Communicable Disease Reporting

After hours Communicable Disease Reporting

To report a disease “After Hours” (regular hours are 8:00 am to 4:30 pm EST Monday – Friday) to East Liverpool City Health District:

  1. Call 330-385-7900
  2. Listen to message and proceed to “Report a Communicable Disease”
  3. Give detailed message to operator where an appropriate health official will be notified