Food Safety Program

The East Liverpool City Health District is responsible for the inspection of over (have to get the number) food service operations (FSO) and retail food establishments (RFE). The Food Safety Program focuses on protecting the community against foodborne illnesses resulting from health code violations and improper handling of food. Some examples of FSO are restaurants, school kitchens, daycares, bars, hospitals, and nursing homes. RFE include convenience stores, pizza shops, bakeries, grocery stores, and gas stations. Mobile food operations and vending machines are also part of the Food Safety Program.

Activities within the Food Safety Program:

  • License all food service operations and food establishments
  • Inspect food establishments and food services operations
  • Approve plans for all new and renovated food-related facilities
  • Investigate foodborne illnesses and reports of contaminated food
  • Investigate customer complaints
  • Investigate reports of food related violations

Complaints and Foodborne Illness Investigations:

The East Liverpool City Health District investigates all complaints regarding food safety and foodborne illness. ELCHD staff is also in contact with local hospitals, doctor’s offices, and schools to monitor reports of foodborne illness. Investigations are conducted in order to determine the cause of the illness and prevent future incidents. If you have concerns of illness or improper food handling, please contact the East Liverpool City Health District at (330) 386-7400.

Food Recalls and Alerts

Food recalls occur when there is reason to believe that a food may cause consumers to become ill. Current food recalls and alerts can be found at