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Linda Harpold

Tax Commissioner

Sharon Williams
Deputy Tax Commissioner

[email protected]

Tax Filing Deadline: April 18, 2022

The building is now open to the public.

  • Filing is MANDATORY for all residents over the age of 17 to 65 years (without taxable income).
  • Copies of page 1 of your Federal return, Sch 1, Sch’s C & E (if applicable) and W2’s are required.
  • If you did not work, you must obtain a Statement of Earnings from Social Security’s website:
  • Even though the building is now open to the public, you may still use the drop-off box inside the handicap entrance for return information or payments. It is checked 3 times a day and video monitored.
  • Information can be faxed to (330)386-7865 or emailed to one of the links on this page.
  • Local income tax is 1.5% of taxable wages, self-employment income, rental income, lottery/gambling winnings, commissions and net profit earned by businesses within City limits.
  • Unemployment, social security, and retirement income IS NOT taxable to the City.
East Liverpool Tax Office

Note: Interest applies to any balance of tax due that is not paid by the due date of a return, even if the return is filed under an extension.

Calendar Year Monthly Interest Rate Yearly Interest Rate
2016 .42% 5.00%
2017 .50% 6.00%
2018 .50% 6.00%
2019 .583% 7.00%
2020 .583% 7.00%
2021 .42% 5.00%

Credit Card Payments

Credit card payments can be made online or by phone only, we cannot accept credit card payments in the office.

By Phone: 1-800-272-9829

  • SELECT Option 3: “Property Tax or all other payments”
  • Jurisdiction code: 8458
  • Follow prompts.

There is a $1.50 charge for phone payments.


  • Select “Local Payments”, then under State or territory drop box “Ohio”
  • Under “Payment Entity” select “East Liverpool, City of OH”
  • Under “Payment Type” select “Local Wage Tax Payments”

You will receive an email confirmation.

There will be charges as follows:

  • a Credit card charge of 2.65% – $3.95 min.
  • a Debit card charge of 1%-$1.00 min.
  • an ACH payment fee of $1.00

NSF fees will be $5.95 to the bank AND $40.00 to Income Tax Office.

Any problems with phone or online payments?


Call 24 hr help line: (609)606-3572 – Option 3