2016 Columbiana County Community Health Needs Assessment

The Columbiana County Health Partners are proud to present the 2016 Community Health
Needs Assessment (CHNA) Report for Columbiana County, Ohio; which was developed as a
multi-sector partnership that supports shared ownership of the phases of community health
improvement; including assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation.

Collaboration among the partners was essential to align interests and coordinate resources
with the goal of effectively promoting better health outcomes in Columbiana County by
leveraging multiple perspectives, community relationships and areas of expertise.

This report was designed to assess the health status and needs of the community; identify
factors that affect population health; determine the availability of existing resources that can
be mobilized to improve health status; and facilitate the development of evidence-based,
population-wide interventions and measurable outcomes. The full report is also offered as a
resource to individuals and groups, who are interested in using the information to become
better informed regarding health care and community agency decision-making.

Columbiana County CHNA